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Established in 2021 The Cooking Cat is a collaborative effort between husband and wife pair Marna and Iwan Ross. Marna is a professional chef with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She selflessly shares her recipes obtained from experience during her time as a chef at many top-rated establishments. She holds nothing back and shares everything she knows and is always ready to give advice to anyone seeking a tip. Marna is the success behind the food stories and recipes found on The Cooking Cat.

Together they are also working on a Cookbook called The Taste of Thyme. Marna Ross’s food blog, The Smoking Chimney, has received starred reviews from around the globe. Marna lives in Wellington with her husband, an exceptionally perfect dog, a near exceptionally perfect dog, and a cat picture in a wall frame, hence the name The Cooking Cat. Before she started writing recipe books, Marna got an International culinary diploma from Warwick’s Chef School. After that, just to shake things up, she worked at four and five-star establishments preparing impressive menus for an International audience. Then she did a handful of short courses in preparation for life as a food blogger and another few courses in the financial field. She now works full-time as a financial clerk, writing about food as a hobby.

So, now you know all about the cooking cat. A little more about us. My wife is an experienced chef with more than 20 years cooking experience. She has accumulated more than a fair share of recipes over her many years of experience, cooking for an international audience in four and five star establishments. She later decided to pursue a career in the financial sector, but still practises cooking and shares her recipes on her own personal blog. The name of her food blog is The Smoking Chimney. Also a nice name, I think.

Iwan Ross is a Solutions Engineer and devotes his energy and experience in his free time to the development of The Cooking Cat. He is the person behind the scenes responsible for the food, recipe, restaurant, and chef trends. He developed the concept of the recipe database used by both The Smoking Chimney and The Cooking Cat. As an SEO content writer, he understands the importance of schema structured data and has implemented the structured markup for the recipes, articles, site links search box, and others on all the pages of the website. The recipe database has been designed around the use of structured data. He is also the engineer behind Iwan Ross.

Iwan and Marna also help new and upcoming food bloggers to get established and develop cutting-edge solutions to help food bloggers find a place in the niche food blogging market. They spend many weekends creating and sharing vlogs on video streaming platforms. Far from celebrities, but they keep their personal lives private.

As Iwan would say “Everybody can be famous, but not everybody wants to be”

We hope you enjoy your time @ The Cooking Cat and we are happy you are here.

Trending Recipes

These recipes are going viral on social media platforms. We have a great parnership with the team at Squeaky Chair Productons and it took little effort to ask them to share a few of their recipe trends with us. They provide us with food, recipe, cooking, wine and chef trends from around the world. Thanks to them, we can show you a few recipes that are trending at the moment. These recipes change over time, so be sure to check in regularly to stay up to date.

  • Baked oats recipe
    Baked oats recipe
    Baked Oats {TikTok Viral Recipe} | FeelGoodFoodie

    Credit: feelgoodfoodie.net

  • Feta pasta recipe
    Feta pasta recipe
    Baked Feta Pasta Tik Tok

    Credit: delish.com

  • Creamy spinach recipe south africa
    Creamy spinach recipe south africa
    Spur Creamy Spinach Recipe by Thuli - Cookpad

    Credit: cookpad.com

  • Pumpkin seed recipe
    Pumpkin seed recipe
    Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe | Allrecipes

    Credit: allrecipes.com

  • Chilean sea bass recipe
    Chilean sea bass recipe
    Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass - Glitter and Graze

    Credit: glitterandgraze.com

  • Syrup lemons recipe
    Syrup lemons recipe
    Lemon /limes /mango Tangy Ting recipe by Naseema Khan (zulfis)

    Credit: halaal.recipes

Our Latest Recipes

We frequently add new recipes and take our visitor feedback into consideration when we load new recipes they would like to see. Be sure to check back regularly to see a list of our latets recipes.

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Creamy Mushroom Chicken

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Featured Recipes

Because we are all about recipes, cooking, and food, we have much more to show you. We hope the recipes featured below will make your tase buds come back for more.

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Chicken Supreme

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Chicken Casserole

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Blueberry Pie

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Chicken Supreme
Chicken Supreme

This easy chicken supreme recipe is quick and easy to prepare and perfect for a mid-week evening ....

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The Cooking Cat is a home cooking project launched by husband and wife Chef Couples Iwan and Marna Ross. It initially started off as an experimental cooking project and quickly grew into a community-based cooking project. All recipes featured on the Cooking Cat website are the results of food trend analytics collected by Iwan Ross, an oasis for food bloggers. SCP provides food bloggers with recipe page templates, a recipe database,, food blog topic suggestions, and much more. We thank them for their continued support and the success we celebrate as The Cooking Cat. They are also responsible for the success story behind The Smoking Chimney.