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Some people think of the foodies community as a recipes social media, or a food and cooking social media. It is exaclty what we had in mind when we developed this network. There are many different kinds of people who visit this network to find inspiration. Food bloggers, professional chefs, food editors, cookbook writers, publishers, and the like. This is a place where people can discover your unique food and cooking ideas. Be creative, inspire and share your love for cooking and most of all, have fun.

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Because we are all about recipes, cooking, and food, we have much more to show you. We hope the recipes featured below will make your tase buds come back for more.

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The foodies community is all about sharing. Sharing food, ideas, recipes and more. Here you can share your favorite recipe with the world. Tell everyone what is so special about your recipe and why you enjoy making it.

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The Cooking Cat is a home cooking project launched by husband and wife Chef Couples Iwan and Marna Ross. It initially started off as an experimental cooking project and quickly grew into a community-based cooking project. All recipes featured on the Cooking Cat website are the results of food trend analytics collected by Iwan Ross, an oasis for food bloggers. SCP provides food bloggers with recipe page templates, a recipe database,, food blog topic suggestions, and much more. We thank them for their continued support and the success we celebrate as The Cooking Cat. They are also responsible for the success story behind The Smoking Chimney.