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Cooking tips and tricks

Always use sharp knives

I have been a chef for over 20 years now and one thing I always tell my pupils is to use sharp knives. It is the blunt knives that do the most damage. Keep your knives sharp at all times.

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Clean a potjie after use

This tip really works well after you have used your potjie. Wash your potjie inside out with dishwashing liquid and wipe it clean with kitchen towel. Generously spray kitchen towel over the inside and outside of your potjie and wipe thoroughly with kitchen towel. Doe the same with the lid. Crumple up leftover newspaper and place it on the inside of the potjie before covering it with a lid. Store the potjie by suspending it from a hook in a high storage place. Cheers. 🥴

the cooking cat community recipes Iwan Ross

Clean your potjie before use

Use this suggestion at your own risk. Be careful, you will be working with extremely hot cooking oil. Before using your potjie. Place it over the open coals where you plan to use it. Add cooking oil to the inside of the potjie, about a ¼ cup. Place the lid on the potjie and wait a few minutes, or until you can see smoke starting to bellow from beneath the lid. Have a large amount of kitchen towel ready and lift the lid. Wipe the inside of the potjie vigorously with the kitchen towel and discard the kitchen towel in the fire. Repeat until the kitchen towel come out clean after wiping the inside. Your potjie is now ready to use. 🍻🍻

the cooking cat community recipes Iwan Ross

Crack eggs on a flat surface.

When you crack eggs, crack them on a flat surface instead of on the rim of a bowl. This will prevent pushing a bit of the shell into the egg. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, no other method works better. Cheers. 🥂🥂

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Keep a cutting board in place

It is easy to keen an annoying cutting board from moving all over the place. Keep the cutting board in place by placing a layer of damp kitchen towel under the cutting board. It will prevent the cutting board from sliding around and also make cleaning up easier afterwards. 🥂

the cooking cat community recipes Marna Ross

Never Use Nonstick Spray in Your Air Fryer

Never use nonstick spray or aerosol spray cans in your air fryer. Spraying the basket in the air fryer with nonstick spray can damage the air fryer's nonstick coating and can make the pan unsafe for use. Aerosol spray cans are known to cause chipping in many Air Fryer baskets. The aerosol cans have harsh agents that just don't mesh with the coating on most baskets. It's better to invest in a good quality oil mister or bottle.

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Nonstick braai grill

This is a great way to prevent the meat from sticking to the braai grill when you braai over open coals. Warm your braai grill over the open coals and make sure the surface is clean. Remove it from the open coals and place it on a flat surface and allow to cool completely. Cut a lemon in half and use tub the surface of the braai grill clean using the open sides. Use both pieces of lemon and discard the let open lemon in the fire. Place your meat on the braai grill before transferring it to the open coals. Notice how the meat does not stick to the surface of the braai grill. Enjoy! 🍻🍻

the cooking cat community recipes Iwan Ross

Prevent a boiled egg from cracking

There are many suggestions on how to prevent a boiled egg from cracking. Some people even suggest adding anything in the form of metal to the boiled water with the egg. The best way I have discovered is to leave the egg outside the fridge until it reaches room temperature. Then add the egg to the water while the water is cold. It works.

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