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Do you have a winning recipe and a burning desire to share your recipe with the world? Think of this page as your own recipe database. A place where you can save and share your recipes. You have come to the right place. You are our kind of people and we would love to hear more about you and your recipe.

Please tell us everything about your recipe and why this recipe is so special to you. We would also love to hear more about you. Tell us everything. You can include as many details as you like. All the information you share will appear next to your name on the recipe page that you share.

You can think of this page as a social media for food lovers that want a community for learning, sharing, and improving their everyday cooking experience. A personalized food social media experience.

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Here you can share your recipe, or start a recipe database. Please tell everyone everything there is to know about your special recipe. You can share as many details as you like. The more the better. You can also take a picture of your prepared recipe and share it here.

You can also throw in a few recipe hashtags to make it easier for people to discover your recipe.

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The Cooking Cat is a home cooking project launched by husband and wife Chef Couples Iwan and Marna Ross. It initially started off as an experimental cooking project and quickly grew into a community-based cooking project. All recipes featured on the Cooking Cat website are the results of food trend analytics collected by Iwan Ross, an oasis for food bloggers. SCP provides food bloggers with recipe page templates, a recipe database,, food blog topic suggestions, and much more. We thank them for their continued support and the success we celebrate as The Cooking Cat. They are also responsible for the success story behind The Smoking Chimney.