Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin Seed Recipe

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Pumpkin Seed Recipe

Here is an easy roasted pumpkin seed recipe. Pumpkin seeds have many health benefits and are good for you. Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals like manganese and vitamin K, both of which are important in helping wounds heal. They also contain zinc, a mineral that helps the immune system fight bacteria and viruses. Pumpkin seeds are also an excellent source of Phosphorus, which is needed to build strong and healthy bones.

This is a quick summary of the health benefits of pumpkin seeds. You can now see why these seeds are good for you and especially your growing children. It is easy to disguise pumpkin seeds in different recipes. You can add the seeds to muffins, bread, muesli, breakfasts, and salads.

Besides, pumpkins seeds are inexpensive and available in most supermarkets. If you prefer, you do not need to roast the pumpkin seeds. Roasting the pumpkin seeds enhance the falavour and makes it easier to eat the pumpkin seeds, but you can also eat them raw.

We trust you enjoyed our roasted pumpkin seed recipe. If you did, please let us know and tell us what you think.

Recipe Info


Serves: 8


Calories: 88
Carbs: 8.7g
Fat: 4g
Protein: 3g

Cooking Times

5 min
Preparation Time
0 Hours and 5 Minutes
45 min
Cook Time
0 Hours and 45 Minutes
50 min
Total Time
0 Hours and 50 Minutes




  1. Preheat the oven to 160° C (320° F)
  2. Mix the pumpkin seeds in a bowl with the butter and the salt
  3. Spread the pumpkin seeds evenly in a single layer in a baking dish layered with baking paper
  4. Bake for approximately 45 to 50 minutes
  5. Allow to cool and serve in a salad.

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Ross Taylor
I am a fitness enthusiast and always on the lookout for healthy recipes and healthy food. This roasted pumpkin seed recipe caught my attention and is, for now, my favourite healthy treat 💝💝. Thanks, man. 5.00

Leona Charlie
Clever, quick, and easy roasted pumpkin seed recipe. A good way to get your children to eat something healty. 5.00

George Smith
I copied your roasted pumpkin seed recipe and used it in muesli as you suggested. it is a winner! 5.00

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